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Visit Bittern

The "Visit Bittern Initiative" arose from the need to find a short, easy name for all those concerned with the conservation, enhancement and economic wellbeing of the Arnside and Silverdale AONB to work with.
The Bittern has been the logo for the AONB from its inception, just as long as the official name has been a source of difficulty. The AONB incorporates parts of the parishes of Beetham, Yealand Redmayne, Yealand Conyers and Warton as well as the whole of Silverdale and Arnside parishes - there was no prospect of a sensible name encompassing all!

When the AONB Sustainable Tourism and Recreation group started promoting the use of the Bittern logo as part of building a unifying identity for the AONB, the Bittern became the obvious choice and the Visit Bittern leaflet of 2006 was one of the first tangible products of that work! The leaflet was reprinted in 2007 and a website set up to support the Initiative.

For 2009 a new version of the leaflet has been printed, which is complemented by this website. For the first time we have taken entries from businesses outside the boundary of the AONB, as we have successfully incorporated the simple RSPB annual Accomodation leaflet into the Visit Bittern Initiative.
Visit Bittern was chosen light heartedly to sound not unlike the official UK Tourism website Visit Britain .

The Arnside and Silverdale AONB Service statutory role is to maintain and enhance the natural beauty of the AONB - a term which includes the landscape qualities, the flora, fauna, physiographical features, geology and cultural heritage of the area. It also seeks to encourage quiet recreational activities where these are not in conflict with the purpose of designation.

We are working with Tourism and Recreation businesses within the AONB to help deliver the vision for the AONB set out in the AONB Management Plan.

How the AONB should be -
               looking 25 years into the future!


The Arnside and Silverdale AONB is a valued, distinctive and living landscape, rich in wildlife. Each element of the intimate landscape mosaic of low limestone hills, woodland, parkland, wetland, pastures, limestone pavements, extensive intertidal mudflats, coastal cliffs, saltmarsh and distinctive settlements that characterise the area are conserved, enjoyed and cherished by all who live, work or visit the Area. The high quality landscape and rich bio-diversity supports and is supported by a vibrant rural economy and strong diverse local communities.

Change, including the threats posed by climate change, demand for development, agricultural change and other pressures are sensitively and effectively managed in the AONB, in ways that integrate the sustainability of local communities with the conservation and enhancement of this internationally important landscape and its rich bio-diversity.

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